Kip – Smart Assistant for Your Office

Kip helps manage workplace purchases
and food orders for your team

  • Easily Manage Your Burn Rate

    When you’re busy building ideas, it’s easy to forget how much things cost. Kip saves you money and sets budgets for lunch and office essentials. Grow your team and keep costs lean.

  • Onboard Your Team in Seconds

    It’s hard to get everyone using new software, that’s why Kip requires no downloads or sign-ups. Just add Kip to your Slack team and get started in seconds. Kip will on-board your team, send follow ups and collect orders on your behalf.

  • 100% FREE Scaling Solution for Workplaces and Teams

    Kip is a 100% free workplace solution because our retail partners pay the fees. We’re small, so understand the challenge of managing costs as you grow. Now you can easily scale up without worrying about cost.

Kip helps teams coordinate purchases

“Team shopping chatbot Kip now takes group food deliveries for lunch, and will even take over that tiresome daily ritual of collecting lunch orders from colleagues.”


Dec 14, 2016

“Group shopping bot Kip focuses on coordinating purchases with a team of employees, so they can purchase lunch together or have an office manager authorize a supply order.”

Fast Company

July 13, 2016

Optimize your office

Manage Team Purchases Effortlessly


  • Manage Your Burn Rate
  • Set Team Budgets
  • No downloads or sign ups
  • FREE office solution