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Kip is the leading procurement chatbot for workplaces, helping teams manage their spend efficiently. Partner with us to gain access to thousands of teams instantly.

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  • Enterprise Solution to Your Bot Messaging Strategy

    As our partner, you’ll instantly gain access to new potential customers through messaging. Kip provides a unique marketing audience opportunity as teams tend to purchase more and in larger volume. Be part of technology frontier, and join us in conversation commerce.

  • Data-driven Performance

    At Kip, we believe that your success is our success, and are proactive in delivering results. With our analytics, we can monitor item performance, purchase frequency and other data points to optimize your go-to-market.

  • Seamless Integration

    New technologies are exciting, but not always easy to work with. Kip lets you seamlessly integrate your inventory. We support every kind of goods and services transaction ranging from hard packaged goods to on demand delivery, bookings, and reservations. Effortlessly integrate with us for an instant chat bot strategy.

Kip in Press

“Team shopping chatbot Kip now takes group food deliveries for lunch, and will even take over that tiresome daily ritual of collecting lunch orders from colleagues.”


Dec 14, 2016

“Group shopping bot Kip focuses on coordinating purchases with a team of employees, so they can purchase lunch together or have an office manager authorize a supply order.”

Fast Company

July 13, 2016

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  • Audience reach to over 500,000 potential customers
  • High value buyers in workplaces
  • Business intelligence about high performing items
  • Effortless inventory integration